What to Do with Aquariums during a Move

How to Move an Aquarium

As if moving furniture and other large fixtures aren’t a hassle enough, moving an aquarium in Melbourne is an endeavor that will really test your nerves. Not only are you going to be stressed about the safety of your fish and the numerous doodads you’ve to move with them, almost anyone will cringe at the mere thought of moving a huge fixture made entirely of glass across several kilometers.

Furniture removals Melbourne to Perth don’t usually cover how to move an aquarium so here are several on what to do when moving one:

Fragile Handle With Care

  • Make sure your new home has a place for the aquarium. The spot must be elevated enough so that people can look at the aquarium without craning their necks. During the trip you will have to temporarily store your fish into a holding tank. Make sure the tank is sturdy and large enough to hold all your fish. Also, make sure it has a lid that can still let in air while barring the fish from jumping out.
  • Save 50% of your aquarium’s water. Using old aquarium water will help your fish acclimatize quickly to the new location. This is especially important if you’re using an under-gravel filtration system, which means your aquarium is heavily dependent on aerobic bacteria to clean the water. Saving up half the water will ensure that some of the bacteria will be at hand to begin growing again in your aquarium’s filter, ensuring that a new batch will quickly grow and begin breaking down dirt excreted by your fish. When you arrive at your new home, you can fill up the remaining half using dechlorinated water.
  • Begin by transferring the fish from the aquarium to the holding tank. Do the same with the plants. Fill the tank with some of the aquarium water. Disassemble whatever filtration system you use (mechanical or under-gravel) and remove all the water, gravel, and other ornaments (rocks, etc).
  • Pack your aquarium in a container lined with polystyrene foam. This will minimize breakage and still ensure a stable enough base for your aquarium to be resting on.

The Wonder That Is Australia

Have you ever spent time in Australia? If you’re like many of the busy people in this country, then you probably failed to notice and appreciate the beauty of the place. You’d actually benefit much from such appreciation. For one thing, it could relieve you of much of the stress of daily living and keep you away from anxiety and depression.

The Wonders in Sydney Australia

If you take the time to observe its natural beauty, you’ll realize why Australia is known for its awe-inspiring landscapes, natural sights, and breathtaking sceneries. If you love exploring the world underwater, Australia has wondrous sites to offer at the Great Barrier Reef and Ningaloo Reef. If you prefer on-land adventure, then you’ll be sure to enjoy riding a train across the Outback and checking out Ayers Rock and The Olgas.

Australia Map

If you enjoy observing a place’s wildlife, then Kangaroo Island is where you should go. Here you’ll see not only kangaroos, but also koalas, wallabies, possums, echidnas, and more. And surely you’ve heard of Tasmania? Well, you’ll find more than Tasmanian devils there. They also have wombats, platypuses, seals, and penguins. The grasslands, rainforests, and rugged terrain of Tasmania are also wonders to behold.


As you deal with your daily routines and the challenges of your career, make sure you don’t lose sight of the wonders of Australia. Even if you don’t really need a stress-reliever, wouldn’t it be nice to just relax a bit and admire nature’s beauty from time to time?

Awesome Business Ideas to Get You Started

You want to start your own business, but you don’t quite know what type of business to start. Well, then, sit back, relax, and ponder on the following business ideas that won’t break your budget.

Starting Your Own Business

Online Retail

This is the age of the Internet, right? Well, why don’t you take advantage of the worldwide web? Pick something you know a lot about (cosmetics, online games, etc.) and then draw up a business plan for that. Find a domain and then set up a website. You can buy a good domain for as little as $8 and then pay about $12 for a year’s worth of web hosting. Not bad, right?

You’ll have to take note though, before you can start a business, you’ll need to apply for abn online in Australia. All business are required to have this number before they can operate.

Vending Machines

Vending Machine

So, you don’t think running an online business is right for you. That’s fine. You could use your time online to scout for vending machines on sale or being put up for auction. This gives you the chance to get a vending machine at a very low price. You may then start looking for a good place for your machine. Everything else should be easier from that point.

House-Sitting Business

There are always people going out of town who are searching for someone to “guard” their homes while they’re away. The beauty of being a house-sitter is that it doesn’t require much capital or any specific skills set. If you can establish reliability and trustworthiness, you’re good to go. If you love animals, you could even do pet sitting as well.

Home Security

These are just some of the best small business ideas we can think of. Hope they point you to the right direction.